08 December 2011

1 Year Bandiversary!

Yep today is one year from the day they cut into me to give me a new life!
My starting weight was 350lbs I currently weigh 266.6 as of this mornings weigh in. That is a loss of 83.4lbs. At first I was bummed that I didn't hit my 100lb mark by today but then I remember the person I was and I have come a long way! I started at a size 26 pants and a 3x top. I am now in a size 18 pant with mostly L tops. I am starting to shop in normal size stores again and it feels fabulous! Mentally I am not that woman anymore either. She was depressed and grasping and what she thought was her last hope and I have everything to look forward to now because I can do anything I  put my mind to.

I want to share with you all my little list of acheivments I kept along the way for myself.
-10lbs - 29Nov2010-I get my lap band! - 08Dec2010
-20lbs - 13Dec2010 (no fill)
-I can weight myself on a home scale again! (no fill)
-30lbs - 23Dec2010
-First fill 3.5cc - 07Jan2011
-2nd fill 1cc = 4.5cc - 31Jan2011
-40lbs - 31Jan2011 (4.5ccfill)
-I can fit my rings back on my fingers again!!! 01Feb2011
-3rd fill .7cc = 5.2cc - 17feb2011
-50lbs (300lbs!!) - 03Mar2011
-60lbs - 17Apr2011 (5.2cc fill)
-I got my butt into a size 18 down from a size 26! (In stretchy carpi's)-I can fit comfortably in a plane! 10May2011
-01Aug2011 0.5fill recieved (5.7cc fill)

-size 18 jeans!! 21Aug2011
-70lbs - 31Aug2011
-17Nov2011- 0.5fill recieved (6.2cc)
-08 Dec 2011 1 year bandiversary! -83.4lbs

Then I leave you with before and now pictures.

trying to hide 350lbs
showing off how great I feel at 83lbs lost!