02 November 2011


Hello all!
Sorry I have been absent for a week. I dint know how I end up so busy and not realize what kept me that busy.
I have not been successful in finding the picture from last years apple picking, I think I deleted it out of hatred of it. I will post the new soon.
Next week is our cruise we are staying at the airport Friday night so we aren't in a rush Saturday morning then we are of to Florida! I am so excited!!!
So on to the damaging Halloween weight:
Today: 272 :$
I saw that and was like wtf!! Candy is my enemy!!
Hoping back on the super workouts tonight and I am not happy with myself. So there is my confession of weight and it hurts. Feel free to bombard my phone (if you have my number) with your disappointment.

Happy hump day to all


  1. What port are you leaving out of?

  2. I hope that you have an amazing time! You deserve it. Do not beat yourself up, just get back up on the bandwagon! Hugs!

  3. Have an awesome time!!!! I wouldn't worry too much!!!!! My daughter's candy has been taunting me as well!! Be safe - expecting TONS of pics!! xxoo

  4. Have fun! I went on a cruise for my honeymoon last February..we had a blast!

  5. Enjoy every single minute ... and going to the airport the night before - always a good idea !

  6. F*cking Halloween can suck my left tit. I'm just saying.

  7. Halloween does that to everyone...which is why my weigh ins are on friday...don't have to worry about a day after weigh in for like 4 years.

  8. Candy is dandy.... when I was 5!!
    Now, at 50 - not so much!
    Who needs a treat?, anyways?
    Now your trip - THAT sounds like the kind of treat we DO need!

  9. Candy is evil. Enjoy your trip!