28 March 2012

I Work Out!

Left: a girl who could barely lift herself out of a chair without help

Right: a woman who can run 3 mile!

The mojo is coming back!

For all of you who know who bandedwendy is on youtube (google her...amazing women!) She is starting a SoCal chapter of WLSFA (weight loss surgery foundation of America). I have the honor of being able to join this chapter when I get to SoCal in June! (mojo booster) This means I get to shake the hand of bandedwendy and possible give her a big old bear hug! She has been a great role model for me since being introduced to her vlog in October.

Ok so that's all for now. Peace and love my darlings! Till next time :)

p.s. since people are asking how to find this WLSFA here is the link to their Facebook page


  1. Hottie :) Longing to get to where I can run 3 miles!!!

  2. So Cal.....I'm so excited.....that's where I live....how do I become involved?


  3. Yay! Bandedwendy is AWESOME in person. :)

  4. You loook great. I really mean that. And running three miles...thanks for the inspiration. I read your blog but I need to go back and read older entries. :)


  5. You look fantastic what a change since I saw you at BOOBS 2.0 :)