18 March 2012


So I have started running again and I did 3.11 miles on friday in about 41 mins after working myself up to it over the course of the week. I have been riding me bike again too. We did about 8.5 miles today on the bike. I don't believe I have found my motivation again yet but I do love how I feel knowing that I got off my ass and just did it. So I am going to try to run or bike every day except Wednesday because I am starting class up again on Wednesday. I have to keep reminding myself that I couldn't even stand up by myself a couple of years ago and how for I have come. 88lbs is no small amount of weight and whether I have motivation or not I owe it to myself to at least keep going so I don't get to that place again. I am looking to do a 5k soon. Not sure when or for what but base host them all the time. So whenever I find one to fit into my schedule I will do it.

Also we have only 8 weeks left till we move. 7 weeks till I am sleeping on the floor and in strange beds for about a month. Thats really the only thing I hate about moving is strange sleeping arrangement's. I am lucky enough to not have to do all the packing. The Navy will do that for us. I will try to get some running in while we are on the road. My bike will have to be packed because the bike rack we have doesn't fit either one of our cars anymore.

I really have to start concentrating on my eating. I have been a sweets whore. Today alone I had a giant Reeses egg, half a blonde and half a bag Hershey drops. I have to really stop the bad not caring eating. I have been saying I want to see 100lbs gone by the time we leave and it is still doable if I get my act together.

off to bed now, love you all and have a great week.


  1. Good for you! I hear you on the sweets whore problem..I am with you sister.


  2. Yeah for the running! And Biking!

    I've been a sweets whore too. Those damn Easter candy aisles!!!

  3. great job on the run.

    good luck with moving, I know it sucks.