02 June 2012


Hi everyone,
Since Dec 8th 2010 I have been posting on and off about my weight loss surgery journey. I have met so many wonderful people on blogger and have found inspiration in all of you. I am making the decision not to post any longer. Life has taken me on a different course from here. I cherish the people I got to know and those of you that I have met. I wish you all continued success in your journeys, where ever they my take you.
Farewell my dears


  1. Darn...its broken..i just left a don't leave us all together..at least pop in for an occasional update. I do hope you have a great new change in Sunny CA!


  2. I am sad to see you going, and I will miss you! It was great meeting you last year at BOOBS! You are a beautiful person inside and out!

  3. Don't be a stranger! Best of luck in your new place!

  4. I am happy to have met you and watched you ink yourself so beautifully last year at BOOBS... Enjoy the next chapter and keep in touch!