19 September 2012

16 Weeks and a Belly

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am going to be posting mostly on Wednesdays. This has normally been my weigh in day and is now the day in the week that starts the next week in my prego hood.

16 weeks pregnant
Last weeks weight: 253.9
This weeks weight: 253.1 (general fluctuation)
Food Aversions: still want nothing to do with frozen yogurt, haven't even tried eating eggs this week
Cravings: Captain Crunch berry cereal and salads! (with ham chunks, almonds, cheese and bagel crisps YUM!)

Well this past weekend was really nice down here in SoCal. We had temps in the high 90's. A friend of ours just got back from deployment and spent the weekend with us. He and hubby spent the weekend by going to the beach and boogie boarding and playing xbox. I went window shopping while sucking down a light Jamba Juice smoothie. I also spent time and got my toe nails done. I also started making a baby blanket this weekend, crochet style. Overall a relaxing weekend.

I am not going to sugar coat my eating for you guys. I have had a horrible diet! I have basically been eating what I want when I want. I am now cutting out some of the sweet stuff and adding more veggies. I don't want to gain 50 pounds from eating my pregnancy away.

On the prego front:  thank heavens I have not had a headache all this week so far! Fingers crossed that I did not just jinx myself. I am always tired, whoever said you feel like your old self again and have energy in the 2nd trimester needs to be shot. I'm not drinking anything with caffeine (I had 2 cups in 2 weeks and I think that's what gave me the headache) so staying awake is next to impossible some days. I have a pillow in my car to take naps over lunch. I am getting up 3-4 times a night to pee and I hear it only gets worse! I have also started having heartburn. I can't lay down at night without taking my dose of tums and it's been getting to be an annoyance through the day as well.
Right now the baby is about the size of an avocado. In the next couple weeks baby is supposed to double is size, yay! The baby can hear things now and my husband seems to think that talking to our little peanut through my belly button is a good idea and it tickles the crap out of me! Hubby has been so good to me and is already so sweet toward the baby. He has been sticking his head down to my stomach and talking to the baby the whole time. He taps on my stomach and waits to feel baby kick back (even though I tell him that if I can't feel the baby move yet, your not going to feel the baby move yet)

I will take a new belly pics every 5 weeks. Started at 15 weeks and the next one will be at 20 weeks. Lets see if I can get some belly pics to load to give you guys a good before picture:


15 weeks


  1. There is no way you way 253??? You look awesome.

    Congrats on the pregnancy. You look really cute.


    1. speck:
      I am really tall though. I am 6'2"

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy.

  3. you look soooooo skinny!!!!!!!! With a tiny baby belly!!! Tooooo CUTE!!!