27 September 2012

Going, Going, Going!

17wks 1 day pregnant
Last weeks weight: 253.1
This weeks weight: 259 (O my holy lord what the hell happened!)
Food Aversions: Eggs, buffalo sauce on anything and the smell of beef jerky!

As you can see my weight has all of a sudden gone "Hey girl, I'm here and your preggo!" So the couple of weeks of eating what I wanted and thinking the bebe' would use those 1000 or so extra calories are over. (bebe/ only needs about 300cals).
It didn't help that dinner last night consisted of cream cheese wontons dipped into cheesy mashed potatoes. I really need to get a handle on this food thing again. I don't want the last 2 years of hard work to go to waste just because I am having a baby. It wouldn't work that I lost this weight to try and have kids just to be to fat to participate in their lives.

Recap on the week: spent Thurs/Fri sick on the couch with crap coming out both ends. F-u-n day that was. Over Sat/Sun I felt so much better so we went to the beach and I frolicked in the water like the sun goddess that I am now :)
I have an OB appointment on Oct 1st. I get to here the heartbeat and be reassured that everything is going ok. We wont find out what we are having till the end of October and we are going to be getting a 3-D ultrasound done. So pictures of that will of course be posted!
Work has been work but going by nice and fast this week.
Big news!! My sister in law had her second baby yesterday! So I am an Auntie again to another little boy! So yay! Family is expanding again :)
Hubby is getting ready to go to his field training for 3 weeks next week and I get the house all to myself! He will gone just long enough to were I will just start to miss him.

I have seen everyone on blogger and Facebook making preparations to have fun at BOOBs this weekend! I am so jealous! It was such a great time last year, and I learned and grew so much from all those wonderful ladies that I got to meet.
For those of you who remember the wine from last year, I still have an unopened bottle of the white wine in my fridge. I had planned on either bringing it with me this year or drinking it this year if I didn't go. It looks like I will just have to wait to drink it next year either in Chicago or cuddling my new baby and reminiscing!
Have fun ladies!!!

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  1. So happy for your good news! How great that you have a bebe on the way! Definitely get the food thing in check -- you're on the right path by being mindful of it! We'll miss you in Chicago.