10 November 2010

Tight Pants and Fear...

I am so focused sometimes on getting the procedure done and over with, that I forget to take a step back to look forward to just how my life will change. I am on the lap band site and watching some of there videos. A woman in one of the videos was talking about how much more she loves food after having her surgery because she doesn't fear eating any more. I started to cry. Food has literally taken over my life. Weather it be trying to loose weight to being scared my pants wont fit and I don't want that fear any more. It really hit me a minute ago that the control food has on me will be gone. I will be in control again. It's such a freeing feeling. I have been promising my husband for a couple years now that I will lose weight and go to Six Flags with him, because I can't fit in the rides right now. I finally will get to keep that promise...I just hope I don't cry from joy when I get to lower the bar over my lap on the first roller coaster. I am so excited!!! Yep two post in one day, but I really wanted to share that with ya'll :)

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