12 November 2010

Today make it 26 days till my surgery. Family and friends keep asking me if I am nervous. All I can say is no I'm excited! Plus it's true. I'm sure the day of surgery I will be nervous if not really anxious, but overall I just can't wait to get rid of this black cloud hanging over my life.
Yesterday was veterans day. I was in the Navy for a couple of years and ended up getting out because I weighed to much. I spent allot of time yesterday reflecting on how far I came from my first veterans day being in the Navy to now. I can see the path to how I got here and am happy to have come this far and yet morn the road I had to travel to be here. I lost a few great friends to the war and gained a wonderful man in the process. I am still part of the military community as a Navy wife and I will follow my hubby anywhere because he has done so much for me. He is truly my hero and has saved me in every way I possible. To all of you out there who are serving and have served. Thank you from one veteran to another.

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