16 April 2011


wow i cant believe its been so long since I have posted anything. School and work and a new found social life with the hubs is keeping me super busy. Everything is going good though.
I got an 89 on that math exam I told you about forever ago. I also have not heard anything more from the job search. We have a new person in charge at work now though so things are starting to look better. 
I weighed in at 290.5 this morning. So only 1/2 a lb from 60lbs lost! awesome right! I also this week firmly put my butt into a size 20 jean. I am down 4 sizes from when In started losing weight. I am now in a size 14/16 top down from a 20/22. Things are going good in the weight loss department. I have decided that food is good and I not strictly eating 1200 cals a day anymore and just enjoying life for the most part. Within foodie reason. 

So happy Saturday I hope everyone isn't getting rained out today :)

Now off to the hair appt I missed last weekend


  1. Keep up the great work! 60 lbs lost is a huge thing! Good work!!

  2. You're doing great! Down 4 sizes is awesome!

  3. THAT IS GREAT!! I am so happy for you about getting in to a size 20!! It is am amazing feeling!

    PS Really enjoyed reading this post! I just starting blogging about my process with the band. I cant wait to read more about yours and hope you will follow mine!!

  4. Congrats on all the progress!
    Busy is good, right!
    Good catching up with you!

  5. Great to hear things are going well for you. You sound happy! Awesome result with the math exam - well done you.