07 April 2011

Short and Sweet

If you are follwoing me and I am not following you leave your blog address in a comment for me to follow.

My husband told me I was beuatiful last night and almost made me cry in the process. Love him!

Yesterday I ate homade veggie lasagna, a whole personal size bag of rye chips, 9 cookies, and a strawberry smothie. I feel like crap this morning. Lots of bloating from the salt.

The scale at home is broken. I think its for the best today. Lots of water consumption will be done to fix issues.

I have confessed, so that is all.



  1. Yum, vegesagna. Still jealous.

    For my bullcrap dinner last night I got back down to my lowest weight. Buhhh. :(

    Hubby's right! Glad he said so! :)

  2. You're forgiven!

    I think you're following me but if not it is http://amandakiska.blogspot.com

  3. i don't know if you're following me, but i've been following you for awhile and have never commented...so if you'll forgive me, i'll forgive you :) i'm at http://bandedchick.wordpress.com.