11 April 2011

YaY It's Monday Again

Good morning blogger. It's Monday again. The worst day of the week to wake up early :(

You all know about my interview on Friday...I think it went very well! I will know more today. So finger crossed. Right now I get up at 0500 every morning for work and I am working by 0615. This job I wouldn't even have to wake up till 7!!! can you believe that! I will have to push some other stuff around if I get this job, but who cares it can be done. I would be able to get up at 0600 to work out.  and not have to leave for work until 0815! How awesome is that! I wouldn't have to take much of a pay cut. Also where I work now I probably put in a good 3 hrs extra a week and don't get paid because its not allotted. I know that doesn't seem like much but that's around $50 I'm losing a week in my time. It would fantastic to get this job. I actually scheduled an appointment for 0700 for myself later in the month knowing that it might not interfere with work. Brilliant! And if I'm still here and it does then who cars. I can't stand this place.

It  was warm this weekend finally! I took the dog for a walk and the poor guy didn't make it very far. I had to pick him up for a little ways. I know he is pathetic. We had some friends over for a barbeque last night. We made fuit salad, regular salad, corn on the cob(grilled), burgers, hot dogs and the hubby had chicken. I have finally conseded to the fact that I can't eat burgers anymore. They just don't like to go through the nice way. I took 2 bites last night and had to give the rest to the hubby. He was happy about it though. I ate a hotdog with some corn and fruit instead. It's sad because he make the best burgers too.

I still do not have a working scale. The one we have you have to do this little trick to get it to work right and at 5 am I am not in the mood to mess with it. If I can't step on it and it works then its not worth my time when I can barely finction that early. I think the hubs is going to order this fancy scale that records BMI too with our rewards points. So morale of the story I don't have a weight up date yet.

Well anyway have a great Monday everyone.


  1. still wishing you good luck on the new job and the chance to sleep in and be happier at work sound awesome! 5am is an ungodly hour!!

    You know me..i gave up all but single bites of a hamburger years ago. It is worth it!

    wishing you the happiest Monday possible :)


  2. Sounds like a great blessing to me! The job not the no burgers. I miss them too.