23 October 2011

Food, Fills and Flash Mobs


  1. I love your fur-child ... thanks for including her :)

  2. that sandwich with the bacon and apples on it sounds AMAZING!!! lol

  3. You went to Harvard, amazing! Lol!

    That grilled cheese doesn't sound like such a bad choice! Well, I guess not the bacon part. Don't you wish places would use lower calorie bread too? I mean, I could make that sandwich at home for like 200 calories and it would be great. But I'm sure theirs was at least 400, bare minimum.

    Haha, I thought for sure you'd have been an amazing hula hooper! I can't do a darn thing with those things either, never have.

    Loved the video. I just admire you the whole time. Your face is so beautiful. I remember talking with you about the shape of your eyes and I think that is possibly my favorite feature of yours. They are so friendly and innocent (looking, lol!).

    -Miss you

  4. Nice video!
    Like the bacon and apple.

  5. I love your videos. That's a hard decision about the fill. I never know what to do. I would just talk with your doctor and see what they think.

  6. I have found that I get really hungry and go off the deep end right when I am about to have a weight loss phase (thinking positively for you)...on the other hand you might need a fill...your tummy fat can change as you lose a little. Check it out for sure. You can get your fill and then have some out after pregnant. It might or might not take a little while to actually get pregnant...I say just roll with it.