11 October 2011


Prudence Rising: who just hit onederland!!

Turkey taco mix!
1 pound ground turkey. 
I can black beans
1 can pinto beans
I big yellow onion
2 packets of taco mix

When I feel frisky I add mushrooms and bell peppers :)

p.s. did i forget to mention how fabulous and awesome and amazing ronnie is? well she is and I can only be so lucky to be blessed with 2 bundles of joy just like her!!! 

Love you ronnie!


  1. Love it!! You are adorable! Have fun on your vacation! I love the baby bells too. I like to leave them out to soften a little tiny bit!

    So...my husband and I are trying too! I wanted to get to 175 and I am about 8lbs from that! So yay for us. Don't get stressed! My husband and I were stressed the first two times we tried. As soon as we de-stressed we got PG.

    We don't have children yet so we are back to trying!

  2. Bulleted comment about to happen:

    - E-mail the pics to yourself from your phone, it'll make it alot easier. Actually, send them via MMS. Trust moi.
    - Alsoooo... I haven't lost any (new) weight since being home, either. But we'll get back to that losing place!
    - I'm sad you never talked about me.
    - Yes, I'm a needy bitch.
    - OH, ANDDDD I bought some chopsticks, too! I was like, "That's crazy. ...so crazy... it just might WORK." (I dunno if you ever saw The Master of Disguise, but read it that way.)

    P.S. - Have fun trying to make babies!!!

  3. YAY FOR Babies!!!!!!

    I totally couldnt eat with chopsticks... I would go hungry LOL since I am retarded when it comes to using them.

  4. Look at you :) Great vlog post missy. When I make my shakes frozen and sometimes the yogurt makes me stick a little. When I slow down and take breaks between drinks it gets better.

    You looked great in Chicago and congrats on the baby-making decision. All the fun is in the trying but I wish you luck in the making too :)


  5. I loved your blog! I should take notes next time because there was too much that I wanted to comment about and I forgot by the time I got to the end.

    How exciting that you are trying for a baby! I'll be praying on that front. :) It's really cool that you've thought about it already and you know that you only will need about 200 extra calories a day. You'll do great!

    Also, have you tried the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges? They are 35calories each and so tasty! However, I normally eat them with some Special K Multigrain crackers, so that does add calories and carbs, hmm.

  6. Um, first, I love you! You should know that!

    Second, congrats on all the exciting things in your life! How fun your going to try for babies! I try all the time, even though neither my husband or I are able to have them, we like trying!

  7. I've watched plenty of Banded Wendy's videos! Her ytube vlog "sister" Newtoy4kt was one of my main inspirations starting out and continues to be! I've talked about her several times in my blog but if you haven't looked up her ytube vids I def suggest it!! :)