19 October 2011

Wednesday Love

Sorry I am so crappy looking guys I am so freaking tired I didn't feel like doing much. A very short video.
I hope your guys week is going better then mine is :)

I'm sory if you guys can't see it. I will fix it when I get home from work


  1. Um, your video is marked private. What, I'm not good enough to view it? My feelings are seriously hurt!!!! Hope your week gets better! (((hugs)))

  2. Everyone is entitled to a ho hum kind of day! You looked so amazing at the Navy Ball you deserve a lounge around kind of day!

  3. Lemme know when ya fix it, I'll come back and watch.

  4. Way to drink that water! You're right, it makes a difference even when other choices are less than ideal. :)

    Sucks that you are feeling tired and dizzy again. I hope you can get the sleep study you mentioned and maybe get some answers.

    What is in your pantry (bandster stuff)?
    Would you be in a flash mob?
    Have you ever been able to keep a hula hoop going?