03 October 2012

Missing my BOOBs

18wks prego
pre-prego weight:250
Last wks weight: 259 (yikes)
Today's weight: 257 (a little better)

Cravings: A tall glass of ice cold water before bed (the worst time to drink anything)
Aversions: Still eggs and not really anything else.

I am really missing my BOOBs this week. Seeing all the pictures and all the fun! I am going to say it right now and you can all hold me to it. I will be there next year! It is just over 6 months after I have the baby and I will be there. I have my BOOBs fund all set up and $100 towards the cause already! I. WILL. BE. THERE. (unless hubby deploys and I have no one to watch the baby...in that case BOO!)

I had my monthly OB check on Monday and everything looks good. At the appointment I weighed in at 260lbs and kinda got scolded for gaining 7lbs so quickly. I also had to get all the genetic blood work drawn and pee in a cup. I also set up my ultrasound to find out if its a boy or a girl! Only have to wait 26 more days! I heard the heartbeat again and she said it was a good strong heartbeat and the right rate. So everything is peachy keen :)

After that appointment I went and got healthy food from the store and set myself straight! It shows in my weight already. Let get this straight right now....I am not trying to lose weight! I am just eating healthier. I want to avoid any scolding on losing weight while prego, it's not happening. I can however control how much weight I gain.
So breakfast for the last 2 mornings have been a 33g protein shake with 3 servings of fruit and some fiber powder to round it all out. Morning snack is a greek yogurt, my other morning snack varies. I had left over shrimp yesterday and today probably a weight watchers cheese stick. Lunch is a protein packed salad, turkey wrap or left over taco meat this week. Dinner is left over turkey taco mix and black beans with fresh green beans. So like I said...by no means am I trying to lose weight, just eating like I should have been eating all along :) except for that pizza hubby brought home last night...oops 

Spent this last weekend on the beach again. It's becoming quite the enjoyable habit. The waves were so strong and some over 10 feet high. A little scary at times but awe-inspiring! I am also going to start going swimming for 30-40 a couple of times after work. I have not been doing any workouts since I got prego and I need to help my cardio build back up so I am not totally starting from scratch after the kid makes it's appearance. I really let fear get to me from the past pregnancy issues we had. I basically shut myself down and focused on being an incubator : /

I hope you all have a great week and keep yourself on track no matter what. It is never to late in your journey to start fresh and keep fight past your fears :)


  1. There won't be a 4.0 next year unless someone plans it. So what are we gonna plan? ;)

    1. You know it wouldn't hurt to start a committee or something to plan it. Maybe have the old planners ask for volunteers?

  2. Good for you! I totally understand you fear and shutting down! Glad you are doing well and overcame it. I am with Ronnie something needs to be planned!

  3. I so missed seeing you this year! Remind me where in Cali you are... I am going to be that way visiting family and would love to see you if possible. :) I think Ronnie just volunteered to plan Boobs 4.0. Lol

    1. Hey lady! We are at Camp Pendleton :)