25 October 2012

Belly Pics and Baby Guessing

21 wks prego
pre-prego weight:257 (weight loss in first trimester, 7lbs =250)
Last post weight: 258
Today's weight:  259.1

I am so sorry guys! Time just slipped out of my hands and I completely forgot to post last week! Here I am though half way through this wonderful reproductive process with a lap band. Weight gain is great and to a minimum consider that weight update has two weeks between it (and that is without a poop for four days). As I promised at 20 weeks I would share an updated belly picture. On the left is the starting belly, middle is 15 wk belly and then 20wk belly:

I have noticed that I have a few new followers! Welcome Thanks for following me on this crazy wonderful journey :)

Two weekends ago now I went to get information on starting in a nursing program out here. With any luck I might be in the nursing program in a year and a half :/ if everything works out for me. Seems like such a long time after spending so long getting my associates. I don't know if that will work out though. My wonderful Navy man is going to be putting in for a secondary school that is in Texas so who knows if I will have the time between application and acceptance for him to get all my pre-recs done let alone getting into the nursing program. With a driving force of supporting a soon to be born munchkin time seems to be very pressing.
I broke down and bought maternity clothes that weekend too. I am in the same size pants as pre-pregnancy just with some extra belly room.So that makes me a little happy. I am taller than the normal so I either ware capris or leggings. So I did buy a few long shirts and some leggings too. Let me tell you buying maternity clothes does nothing good for the self esteem. I am buying bigger shirts so that is a down side but that's because the girls have gone up a full cup size and I'm surprised how much of a difference it's making with the fit of my shirts. I just have to keep telling myself it's all because good baby things are happening :)

I went healthy (easy food) crazy. I went online and got a ton of veggie filled protein packed lower calorie crock pot recipes and made a bunch and froze them. So far we have had ( a not so healthy ) pot roast when hubby came out of the field, yummy turkey chili and today I am making a reduced calorie potato soup. I am test driving the whole crock pot meal thing to see if it works so a couple weekends before this bundle of joy appears I can stock up and not worry about eating healthy. All the work will be done.

4 days till we find out what the baby is...any one want to fancy a guess? Here are some clues to work off of for your guess. I had horrible morning sickness the first trimester, I have bad heartburn all the time now and my belly is small for being 21 weeks.

Till next week my lovelies :)


  1. You look so cute!!!! Keep me posted on the crock pot thing..... I would love to do that!! any names picked out?

    1. We have a boys name picked out but we can't agree on a girls name yet. Hubby wants to pick a few of each and see what we feel will fit the baby when it comes out :)

  2. You look so cute! I am notoriously bad at guessing the sex, which is sad, since there's a 50/50 chance I'll be right. I'm going to guess it's a boy!