05 November 2012

Tight Band?

The week or so I have noticed a lot more issue with eating. I have always had a very unusual pattern with my band tightness since the beginning.
The common trend of most bandits is tightest in the morning and by the time dinner comes around for a lot of people the tightness of the morning has worn off and they are ok.
I have always been tight in the morning, able to eat whatever I want at lunch and for dinner I tend to be a little tighter again. I have never been able to figure out why this is but I have learned to eat with my band and that is just how she roles.
The last week and a half or so I have been very tight at dinner, tight to the point were I have PB'd 3 times. Part of this is because I get so hungry so fast and feel like I am starving so I don't chew as well as I should. This little girl I'm growing has no patience for hunger! (I know I am not paying attention to a basic rule)  But part of it is because I think the hormones are finally getting to me.
I have ever been one of those people that gets tighter when Aunt Flow shows up every month and have considered myself very lucky for it. All I can think though is it must be the increasing hormones through out the pregnancy finally catching up with me.
Common sense would say "hey lets go get an unfill" but reality is not that easy.
It would be about a month long process of getting everything taking care of. From getting a referral from my primary provider to scheduling an appointment at the nearest facility which is an hour drive away. It sucks! I know I should probably get the process started but I am just to lazy! That's horrible, I know.
The baby is getting plenty of good growing nutrients and stuff, so no worries there. Plus I can still take my vitamin.
I will probably give my doctor a call to set up a referral some time this week but for now I am just to tired. O so very tired. I think some tomato bisque soup is in order for dinner tonight :)


  1. Poor thing! There is no harder work than growing a baby! Take care of yourself!!! And, don't wait too long to talk to someone about an unfill. If it takes that long to get things moving, you don't want to have a crisis and have to wait!

  2. I can't eat a thing when I have my period. For a while I would think something was wrong with my band EVERY month. Then it dawned on me. Duh!
    I brought it up to my doc and he looked at me like I was crazy! I guess it's up to us to figure out our bodies and know how they work.