20 November 2012

Driving Food Coma

25 wks prego
pre-prego weight:257 (weight loss in first trimester, 7lbs =250)
Last post weight: 265
Today's weight: 257.4
total gain from pre-pregro weight = .4lbs

My weight is back to pre-pregnancy somehow. I guess cutting out the salt is really making a huge difference.
I think that all the swelling from the salt I was eating was messing with my band too. I have been able to eat just fine in the last week or so. I think overall I have cut back my salt intake 80% from what it was. I know this weight miracle is not because of watching my diet. I have been cooking and freezing food to bring with us for Thanksgiving dinner over the last couple of days. Lots of good eating has been going on. Not to mention I decided I wanted stuffing and mashed taters last night for dinner...we had chicken with it so I had my protein.

We leave tonight to start the 16-18 hour trip up to see hubby's side of the family. So with my current diet I will start driving with a food coma and leave with a food coma. We are going to try to drive about 5-6 hours tonight and stay some where.Maybe even more if we are feeling up to it. My handsome baby boy is coming with us on our trip too.

My baby boy (Teddy) laying on my belly
So between him and myself we will be stopping a lot to pee I think.

Here is the belly progress picture that I promised last week. It's a day early because in the morning I will be on the road and wont be able to post.

Baby girl is growing like a weed and moving like crazy! She is moving my belly around a lot too. It is the coolest thing to experience. Knowing that the weight loss is making it possible to experience this pregnancy like a normal regular weight person make me all the more thankful for my band. At my highest weight there is no way that I would get to see my baby moving through my belly and my hubby would never have been able to feel the baby move. I LOVE MY BAND!

Until next week my friends. Have a great holiday!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Shannon.....you LOOK GREAT!!! Have a safe trip!


  2. You look great Shannon.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving-are you in PDX? We should do coffee or something if you get the chance.


    1. I wish we were going to be in Portland but we are going to be out toward the cost. Vacation never seems to be vacation when you have so much family to see.