14 December 2012


Holy crap!

With the baby stuff and family and the holidays I totally forgot about my 2 year bandiversary on December 8 2010! My how the time flys!

I love my life with my lap band. I would not change a minute of this journey. It has brought me to meet amazing and inspirational people from all across the country. My life is my own again and the biggest success for me is this wonderful and amazing baby girl growing inside me. The best decision of my life has giving me the chance to have the biggest blessing of my life. Plus I can't wait till after my pregnancy so I can finally make it to my goal weight of 200....so many exciting things still to come :)

Here are some pictures starting with 350lbs down to 250 lbs and my currant baby belly :) I have gone from a size 28 pants and needing help to stand up out of a chair to currently a size 18 and (pre-prego) could run 2 miles!

350lbs and a very sad sad person

250lbs...100lbs down in July 2012

28 weeks prego at 273lbs (elizabeth just for you :)