13 December 2012

Calm Rainy Day

28 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
todays weight: 273lbs
total gain: 16lbs
Craving ricotta cheese! omg yum!

Good Morning all my beautiful followers. I'm not quite sure why I am in such a good mood this morning but I am. It's rainy and dark outside but I am doing great!

This past week we have had a couple things happen that were kinda neat. Starting with last night we had a new neighbor move in that will be sharing our driveway. He is getting all of his things move in before his wife and daughter get here in a month. Can't wait to get to know them. New military neighbors can be so hit or miss. It would be nice to have another great neighbor.
We finished setting up the Christmas tree over the weekend and I love how it looks :) Like always though the cat is having his way with my tree. I have had to take ornaments off the bottom and am constantly fixing the tree skirt. Last night I kept having to shoo him away from chewing on the branches (its a fake tree and plastic no good for kitty)

Pretty Tree! Crooked star

Crazy cat that likes to eat plastic...possibly brain damaged, but damn he is adorable

My family has been showing me so much what a blessing they are to have in my life. We have had packages for baby girl showing up almost every day. We have all of her furniture and have not had to pay a dime out of pocket. Then the moral support even though they life all over 16 hours away is amazing. I do wish they lived near me but for the situation we are all in I feel lucky to have them to call any time.

I had my 28 week prego check up yesterday. I saw my primary doctor at my last visit and I wont see her again till a couple weeks before I deliver :(
With the holidays and the time frame I need to be seen next I guess I am just not able to get in with her on time. The nurse basically refused to push my next appointment back a week so I could see my doctor saying that is was a care issue. I mean I get it and the liability on them if something happens but I really like my doctor and I am not a fan of the midwives in that joint.
Everything went well though. Since they are tracking my weight from my first trimester loss of 7lbs and I am tracking from my pre-prego weight we had a slight conflict. So I told her that and she updated it in my chart and stopped scolding me. I guess 7lbs makes a big difference to them. I also got given a maternity parking pass! Kinda a big deal on a military base, there is maternity parking everywhere and it is always wanted at the grocery store. So now I can start waddling my into places from a shorter distance.
I did take her warning to heart about my diet and keeping an eye on my weight gain. I am going to cut out a ton of sweets that have been finding there way into my mouth. Plus up my water intake. I think I was reading Lady Labbands post  ( don't quote me) about 90oz of water a day and I realized how much I have gotten out of that habit. So I have gallon of water by my desk and I plan to drink at least half of it at work. Water is even more important now being pregnant. I lost sight of that somehow.

Well I have rambled enough with this long post. Long story short...things are good :)


  1. Get that water in, woman! lol

    Can't believe you're already 28 weeks! I can't wait to see that beautiful girl. :)

  2. I wish the weather would get X-massy in AZ. Sigh! You need to post a new baby bump picture!! :) So excited for you!