05 December 2012


27 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
todays weight: 270lbs
total gain: 13lbs
I would say I am craving whipped cream and apple cider but those go along with the season I think :)

My weight has gone back up a bit but I am going to say its normal. My blood pressure is great still and I have been watching my diet.

Today I am most uncomfortable. I have so much pressure in my lower abdomen that I have been taking potty breaks just so I can take my pants off for a couple minutes. All I keep thinking is the other women in the building are telling people, hey don't mind the prego chick sitting in the handicap stall with no pants on she has a mental condition.  

Most of the time this pregnancy doesn't seem real, even though I can feel her kicking my insides like she is playing every position on a soccer team. Life seems to be moving fast these days and when I do get a moment of realization let me tell you I am having a mini freak out! The bigger my belly gets the worse my nerves get too. I have this fear of not being able to bond with my baby and that I will freak out. It comes down to, I'm scared. I know that a lot of these feeling are normal but they are scary none the less. Its hard to vent about these things too because hubby just tells me that I am over reacting.
I just have to keep reminding myself to take a deep breath and take things day by day when I have these moments.

Thanksgiving was great! I know it's been a couple weeks since I posted. We got to see all of my husbands side of the family and all the new additions that were added in the last 9 months. We have been a busy family ;)
Ths drive kinda sucked but it was worth it overall. We got two garbage bags full of clothes for baby girl and lots of belly rubbing.

The most exciting news in my life recently is that we got a Costco membership. We figured it might come in handy with all the diaper usage in our near future. We got a knew set of knives on our maiden voyage and I almost cut the tip of my finger off the same day with them...not good!

I finished my Christmas shopping today for my hubby and I hope that he will love everything. I think we are both going a little overboard for each other since we know next year will be for baby girl!

Ok well this post is long enough so I will sign off and keep ya all posted next week. Happy holidays everyone :)


  1. I hope you feel better soon, keep your chin up you are doing great!

  2. It is scary! I would worry about you if you weren't scared. Your life will change, but you will be fine. Hang in there and stay away from sharp objects. I was so accident prone when I was pregnant...yet another thing to be scared of, lol!

    1. its bad! I trip over everything it seems like! Thanks for the kind words :)