23 January 2013

I educated my doc :)

34 Weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 279lbs
Today's Weight: unsure?
total gain: 22lbs Craving: milk and hot chocolate

As you can see I don't have a weight listed today. I am currently out of my home for the fumigating until later tonight. I didn't have access to a scale since Sunday morning but I was still at 279 that morning. I have minimized the sweets and have been feeling a lot better overall. Last nights dinner was a yummy chicken salad with fresh mushrooms and cucumbers.

I was able to get all of baby girls clothes washed this weekend before we had to vacate the house. Conclusion is that I have about 50 outfits that she will never wear. I have been given so many newborn clothes from a friend of mine that I will have to box them up before they get used. I don't think she will come out as small as everyone is saying she will be. I could be wrong but I don't think she will be small.

Like I had told you last week I had my 33 weeks OB appointment. Everything is going good. They aren't to happy with my weight but I still say I am doing ok. It didn't help that there scale weighed me in at 5lbs heavier then the weight I got that morning. I guess all the water I drink during the day makes that much of a difference. I had to educate my mid wife on my lap band. My port can be felt very clearly now and she thought it was a foot pressing really hard. So I told her what it was and answered her questions. It's always nice to spread knowledge about my band. I think she was less worried about my weight after that as well. She understood more about me and my experiences I think.
Her movements are getting so strong and painful. Apparently that is normal. So I am going to be fit for a belly band. I don't know how that will help but apparently she thinks it will.
Not a ton going on still. Just prepping for the baby's arrival and I think I will get the hospital bags ready this week. I know I still have about 6 weeks but everything I am reading says to do it early because you never know.

Well I hope you all are having a good week. For those of you that are being assaulted by the cold I am sending warm wishes your way!


  1. Yes prepare early! She could come sooner! I don't think a 22 lb gain is too much at all. You are all baby! Good luck! You are getting close :)

  2. Yikes! 6 weeks, this has flown by! (easy for me to say, huh?)

  3. I'm getting so excited.......


  4. You will just have to lay those outfits out and she can wear more than one a day :) Doctors/medical profs. are so funny about the band. I have actually had them cop a feel of my port..they get all interested. I agree with you though that it is cool to educate them hopefully smoothing the waters for the next patient who has one.

    I am wishing you good thoughts and hope you have a smooth and easy next six weeks and a great birthday for you new little girl.