11 January 2013

Is that my tooth?

32 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 272lbs
Today's Weight: 281lbs
total gain: just going with 24lbs   :(
Craving: A cold glass of milk.

My weight is horrible. I don't know how I jump almost 10lbs in a week. All I can say is I am talking to my doctor about this at my next visit. I have been doing so well up till now. I am still being told that the weight gain I have still isn't bad for pregnancy. I feel like I am failing both myself and my little girl though. I know it doesn't make sense to feel that way, but I do. I think not having been down to goal weight when I got pregnant had a lot to do with it. I was still in that weight loss mentality and that any gain was a reason to retrace all my foodie steps. It is a mental struggle to not feel horrible about my body because of the number on the scale.

My hormones have been turning me into a crazy person. I have been getting insanely pissed off at the most mundane things. On Monday night I was literally crying and laughing at the same time all while being pissed off and frustrated. I didn't know it was possible to feel all those emotions at the same time. I literally felt like I as going crazy! Not a good feeling.

Quick little back story note: I hate popcorn!
On Sunday I got a craving for popcorn and decided why not have some. I ended up biting down on a popcorn kernel really hard. I spit it out of my mouth and I see a piece of silver! Is that my tooth? Yep that was my tooth. I broke a crown in half. My dentist wont fix it till after my pregnancy. Thankfully the tooth it came off doesn't have any nerves in it anymore. So it doesn't hurt. O the things I get to look forward to.

My Christmas tree is still up. I planned on taking it down this past weekend but that obviously didn't happen.
This weekend I plan on taking it down. I also bought a lot of food to make and vacuum seal so we have healthy microwave meals after the baby gets here so I don't feel like I have to cook all the time too. A couple of the recipes are my own wonderful high protein stand-bys and I have gathered other from various places including The world according to Eggface. I also got my supplies for making my bath bombs in. So I plan on making a few of those tonight so I can soke in the tub after a day of cooking and food saving tomorrow.

We had a labor and delivery class this week. We watched a live birth video. I have seen this type of video many times before having been in a pediatric environment for most of my medical career. Let me tell you, that s@$t is a lot more frightening when you know its going to be happening to you in a couple of weeks!

I will leave you with a picture of my belly at 32wks:
well I would have liked to leave you with a picture but the computer that I am on is not cooperating.
Have a good weekend :)


  1. I'm glad you're going to chat with your doc. 10lbs in a week could mean something else is up so don't beat yourself up over it! You will be back to "fighting weight" in no time after she's born! :)

  2. only 8 more weeks to go- how exciting! I remember in my last 10 weeks I gained most of my real weight, But I did lose a lot when I breast fed. Good Luck and don't focus on the scale right now- you're creating a life and need to focus on that. Stay healthy.

  3. If i remember correctly I gained the most weight in my 3rd trimester. Maybe baby weight or water retention. I'm sure it will drop after the baby says hello!