30 July 2010

Body Aches

My body hurts, not my whole body my butt and my thighs. I'm not really sure why though. Maybe it has to do with my two day after work out theory. Do you want to here it? Of course you do. Well my theory goes as this...you hurt a little the day after you work out but you still don't work out again in two days your muscles will hurt even worse. I am at that stage right now. I know I am really out of shape when a simple hour long walk can do me in two days later and give me that sore feeling like I just worked out on the elliptical for forty minutes when I was thin like five years ago. :( So when my kitchen is clean I love to cook and experiment with new recipes but unfortunately I never know how many calories any of them are and it frustrates me. especially now when I'm counting every calorie that goes into my mouth! So I was browsing this wonderful world wide web and found this awesome website and thought I would share it with you my very first follower!!! Yay and welcome to this crazy world of me! This site lets you enter in the recipe and approximately how many serving you can get out of it and then it calculates how many calories per serving it is. I LOVE IT!!! It's fabulous!

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