26 July 2010

Today's a Great Day for Change!

Today is my first workday after The Biggest Loser auditions this past weekend. My husband and myself sat outside in the pouring rain for four hours huddled under umbrellas swapping out sitting in a camping chair. He was such a trooper for going with me because he wasn't even aloud to be in the building when the line finally started moving. So anyway the auditions are over and no call back was gotten but I'm making a video and submitting that but I'm not holding my hopes to high. That is what brings my here! Even if i don't make it on the show I can still be a Biggest Loser! I will just do it my own way and get to that goal of being healthy and skinny. I have a loving husband who is planning on helping me the whole way and an elliptical sitting in my spare bedroom just begging to be used! So stay tuned and see what happens. I will try to post every other day and I will weight in every Monday. So keep an eye on that tracker at the top of the page! Here We GO!!!

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