26 July 2010

My Tools

So I'm trying to lose weight, but you ask "what are you doing to help yourself?" First thing I am using is my IPod. I have an app called Lose It. It helps me track my calories and write down my food the lazy way. It calculates it all out for me and that will help me from being to lazy to do it all my self. I have an elliptical in my house that I'm going to sweat my butt of on as much as possible along with a husband to kick my butt into gear. Then I have this site to keep me on track. On top of all of that I am going to talk to my doctor about being approved for a Lap Band. Before you go well that's cheating know that I have never had great success on my own. In order to get a Lab Band put in place you do have to go through a physical and psychological exam along with 6 months of doctor monitored weight loss. So getting to the point of having a Lap Band is a long process in itself. So this blog will also follow the steps to get to the surgery and beyond.

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