29 July 2010

People Around Me

So many people around me are experiencing monumental changes in there lives right now. Two couples that my husband and I know just got engaged, one couple is getting a divorce, another is a couple of weeks of from having a second child and yet another is in the process of trying to have there first! I think we are the only ones that we know that are truly "standing still". I have no issues with it but it's just a word-wind of activity and I think because we have been married for five years everyone else just expects us to get in on the action. "When are you guys going to have a baby?" We will have a baby when we are good and ready! Why does every think it is there right to ask our business. If I want you to know I will tell you. There is allot more to having a baby then just waking up one morning and saying hey we're married lets pop one out. If that was the case I think I would have two or three by now. Plus with myself being in the 44% for body fat it's not really healthy to be pregnant right now. Once I get my Lap Band and get this weight off. Then my husband and myself will probbally talk about it. I know i would love to be a mother but why be irresponsible and put an innocent child and myself at risk for no reason.

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