27 July 2010

My Prayer For The Daily Struggle

I love food. I mean come on that's why I got to this point in the first place. This weight didn't get here by me starving myself. Pudding, pizza, mashed potatoes and ice cream. That stuff is so amazing! Even better my favorite sandwich in the whole world is an everything bagel with chive cream cheese, add Cheddar cheese and turkey on it and yummy!!! Can you say fatty with a capitol F. I need to put an end to my love affair with food! but god it's so hard to break up with the better half of it. I mean when the respectable half is full of lettuce and broccoli. I am down on my knees... please give me the strength to choose carrots over chips, the courage to munch celery over chocolate and good sense to know when to it's time to drink diet instead of fully loaded. Amen.

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