06 April 2012

Cave Man

I am an addict.
Sweets and caffeine are controlling my life.
I have not lost a single pound (that I know of) since November 2011
This needs to come to an end

I am calling this my cave man phase.

I am not eating anything that is processed. I am not eating any dairy. If I can't recognize what meat it is that I am going to eat then I'm not eating it. If I can't pick it and eat it then I'm not eating it.

Basically I am eating nothing but fruit, veggies and meat. I am doing this to cleanse my body of all that crap that it's craving and to give me a clean slate. I am doing this because it is healthier. I am doing this also to help my body better prepare to get pregnant again. (it can't hurt, right?)

I would like to hit my 100lb mark before we start trying to get prego again (original goal for baby makin) and this is what I am doing to jump start things. It still amazes how much food you can eat if you eat healthy!

So for work I have brought with me 4 boiled eggs, 2 1/2 cups broccoli, 1 cup cucumbers, 1 cup strawberries and 1 cup watermelon. That is a lot of food and it is not even 500 calories! Love it!

Ok, happy Friday people! I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Definitely gotta get rid of the processed junk. Good luck!

  2. I should join you for this.. (although broccoli doesn't seem to work well for me *sad face*) so good on you!

  3. The body is an amazing thing. I did a five day/five food plan last week and that seems to be all it took to start getting my taste buds to lean towards healthier foods. Its still a work in progress of course but Im still surprised that theres such a taste difference in my foods now. Good luck and enjoy your weekend as well :0)

  4. You get it girl! I bet you will feel so much better! it's amazing when you stop eating all that processed crap, how your body just feels alive!

  5. I love the idea, let us know how the first day goes. :)

    Sorry been absent from commenting, etc. Glad to see you back posting!

  6. Have you every heard of The Paleo diet? My SIL did a major detox from the processed foods after going vegan and pretty much eating nearly all processed foods for a year. Her body was crazy addicted to sugar. Who knew Oreos were vegan? LMAO

    So now she does the Paleo thing and even though she is a twig of a thing... she swears by the "natural" now.

  7. Although I failed on the sugar and caffeine thing :) the kicking processed to the curb works great. David, my husband has had great success with his own version (he kept the diary and kicked all the grains out of his life). I have come to the conclusion we are all so very different and you have to experiment until you find that magic recipe that works for you and you can sustain.

    Good luck on the diet, and weight loss and that baby makin :)


  8. Get through the first two weeks and you wont even crave it anymore. Even one bite sends me back to square one, so hang in there. You can do it and you will be so glad!

  9. good luck to you! Its hard to get away from the sugar and stuff.

  10. It is difficult to get rid of the cravings... I wish it didn't taste so good. Good Luck! Keep us informed. I know you can do it.

  11. With today being Easter Sunday, I just could not resist the chocolate eggs calling to me! I have been stuffing myself all afternoon! Help! I need to get back on track and do what you are doing!