24 April 2012

Ethics, dun dun dun

Wow were has the time gone! I feel likes its been a month since I posted.
Life has been in full swing trying to get ready to move in a couple of weeks. There is outings and purging of stuff and painting and going away parties, school to finish up and the list goes on and on!

I have not weighed myself since I last let you guys see into my dark love story of scale compulsion. my eating has been ok, nothing to be excited about. I have gotten lots of protein in and lots of water. Hell last night I did 80mins on the elliptical, I am planning to jump on for the long tonight too.
I had some concerns last time that I was not eating enough calories. What I had listed was what I allot myself while at work. I leave a good amount of calories open for dinner because my life tends to be a little hectic and depending on the day I have no idea what dinner may bring. Don't you all worry about shrinking little me though I eat plenty of food. My band was just having a bad day that particular day. At work we have been surrounded by floor refinishing chemicals and I think it had a lot to do with that for some weird reason.

Anywhoo I wanted to thank all of you for inspiring me to write a paper for ethics class. I wrote it on teen weight loss surgery. I know people still have a problem with adults who get the assist but I wanted to know what people thought about kids getting the assist and I have to say it was eye opening. An 11ur old girl in mexico had a gastrectomy.
I decided I was against kids getting these major things done to them. I would like to know how you all feel about it though. Leave a comment if I have peaked your interest.

Well the clock is a ticking and I have a workout to get in before bed.
Love ya all
big sloppy smooches!!

I told you all I bought me some shorts for the first time ever so I thought I would show you a picture.

shorts ans horizontal stripes! What What!!!


  1. You look amazing! You're getting so tiny. Your paper sounds really interesting - I'd love to read it - but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll have to think about that.

  2. I wish I could say that I was against kids getting WLS. I wish I could say that just getting exercise and eating better would just click in their heads. But alas, why is it easier for them to lose weight than for us?

    Isn't the biggest part of most people's weight loss stories as adults that they struggled with being over weight since childhood?

    I gained weight after having children and having a hysterectomy, and was not over weight as a child, but if we could prevent the life long struggle with WLS for a teenager, then I would say yeah a teenager can handle WLS more than a child. The weight of a child is directly effected by the parents. Kids can't drive themselves to McDonald's, they don't buy their own food. Most times they don't even cook it. Here we have to set the blame where it belongs.

  3. I am firmly against wls for children/teens. I feel that a parent plays a major role in the eating habits of a child/teen and if the parent can't help, wls will not help either. The number one thing someone needs in order to be successful with any wls is the will to be diligent about about making good food choices and the importance of exercise to get healthy. They have to want to get healthy and I don't think children can handle the surgery if they can't handle other methods of weight loss such as WW or just plain eating better.

    Once they become adults and have tried other avenues to lose weight and are responsible for themselves, then, I am all for wls.

  4. I am against WLS for children/teens as well. My cousin had a bypass right after her HS graduation and while she did great for a while, she was back to her old habits one year later and all the weight came back. I think that she would have had a better outcome had she waited a little bit. I knoew that others her age would have probably done very well, but I think she needed time to be an adult before taking such a drastic step.

  5. Shannon! Wow! The difference since your last photo is amazing. You look beautiful.

  6. I used to be against WLS for alot of people... People who only have 30 pounds to lose, Teenagers, etc. But not anymore. I think that eating disorders start very early in life... so, the problems begin very early. A lapband could help with portion control and maintenance so yoyo dieting would be almost cured. For Teenagers who weigh 300 and 400 pounds... They should definitely be able to have WLS even gastric bypass. But therapy is key, there is a reason why we start turning to food for comfort.

  7. You look fabulous! As for WLS for teens, I really think each case should be individually examined. I think it should only be used as a last resort and I also think maybe no one under 14? I think intensive therapy should be done before and after surgery, maybe a requirement for weekly visits for the first year after? I think for the majority of teens, it's inappropriate but I DO think there are some that would reap the benefits and not have to be miserable and deal with a lot of the lingering self image issues if they get it done earlier. Interesting topic!