18 April 2012


Today sucks on the eating front.
I had a hard time getting my yogurt down this morning and I could only get about half of it in at that. I spent about an hour trying that. I sipped on a small cup of coffee for about an hour and am having a little bit of difficulty with water too. I can usually eat a boiled egg in about 3 mins and be fine. Right now I am sitting staring at the last couple of bites that has taken me awhile too. I ate half, got up took care of a patient and came back to it. I will try it out here in another minute.
Last night I had a hard time with dinner too.
Yesterday at lunch I PB'd for the first time in a couple of months and I think I am feeling the effects of that. At least I can get a little bit of solid protein down.
Today I planned my food out as follows:

Breakfast: oikos peach yogurt. 130cals 12g protein
Snack: Boiled egg. 78cals 6.3g protein
Snack2: Boiled egg. 78cals 6.3g protein
Snack3: 3oz Shrimp. 135cals 16.5g protein
Lunch: my home made chili 1 cup. 154cals 16g protein
Dinner: possibly left over home made turkey mushroom soup. unsure right now though

So right now if I can get it all in my work meals will equal 574cal and 56.8g of protein.
You might notice that I plan out 3 morning snacks. That is because I eat breakfast at 6 a.m. By 8:30 or so I am hungry because I am running around all morning. Then I snack again at about 11:30ish and eat lunch around 12:30ish. The extra snack is there in case I want to eat a little more at one of my snack times.

Fingers crossed that food goes down a little better as the day progresses.
Have a good Wednesday everyone :)


  1. That sounds like good stuff to me. My big struggle is in the evening :) Restriction is good..I hope it doesn't get too good :)


  2. Replies
    1. I don't think I will get an unfill. After giving my stoma a day to relax and eating very carefully I think I will be ok. It's almost 6pm now and I was able to eat most of my work food and some cheese when I got home.

  3. Is that all you are eating? Holy cow, Shannon. If you are too tight and consuming less than 600 calories a day that is very concerning. I'm not criticizing, just worried about you being way too tight. Hugs!