16 April 2012

Poopy Glue Shorts

I have a few things to talk about today :)
Lets start off with a couple NSV's shall we...

One of my biggest goals with weight loss was to be able to were my wedding rings again. They were on a necklace for over a year because they were just to tight to get on any more. When I could finally get them on again I posted about it HERE. Well today I was taking off a pair of gloves to throw in the trash but I had to set them down on the metal table next to me and thank goodness I did! I heard a clank and looked down and saw my ring off my Left hand was gone and inside the gloves I was going to throw away. So not only do the fit my rings are getting to the point that they are falling off! So I have to find a quick fix because I don't want to get a bar placed in it just yet so I can still wear it if I swell up during pregnancy. So I hot glued it for now. It gets the job done without costing money or ruining it. That's a great NSV to me because that means I am smaller now then I was at my 1 yr anniversary when I got this.

Next NSV is that I bought shorts for the first time ever outside of needing them for when I was in uniform. I have never willingly worn short for as long as I can remember. One pair is dark and looks like cut of jeans and the other is a lighter pair and has patch work and a little bit of lace on it. My hubby was not with me when I bought them and I did not leave the dressing room when I tried them on. He did say that my legs looked so different when he inspected them. (not as cellulite like) I have since worn them around the house and in front of the other navy wives around here and felt not only fine about myself but didn't care. It was liberating my darlings! Another powerful NSV. 

So now onto poop. I have had issues with constipation since being banded. I have started using fiber powder in my drinks about twice a week. It seems to work and not leave me feeling to bloaty and crampy. Have you guys had issue with constipation and what do you do for it...

Ok my homies I hope you had a great Monday and I can't wait to peruse the blogs in a minute. 


  1. I am just two weeks out but I started taking Essential Fatty Acids and they really seem to help keep me moving.

    Awesome NSVs!!

  2. Hooraaaaayyyyyy. I am so glad you found the ring before disaster though. On the poop front..I know I am losing when the poop reduces and goes all firm on me :) so be grateful to a certain extent cause it means you are probably losing. It did help a tone when I drank more water between meals and incorporated a glass of orange juice right before dinner. I have so far not used any fiber-i-fying thing. I hope it gets better :)


  3. Awesome congratulations what a great NSV's!!!!

  4. Wonderful nsv's!! I've used beneficent since banding because of the same issues.

  5. It has been a LONG LONG time since I have worn shorts. That is a great NSV! Keep an eye on your rings :o)