12 April 2012

Oops, I did it again...

Well I said I wasn't going to weight myself for the whole month of April. I failed. I work in a clinic and I wear scrubs every day. They are wonderful, comfortable and forgivingly stretchy! Not concussive to weight loss though. Last night I had class and I wore a pair of jeans that I just washed and the were tight and uncomfortable as all hell. All I could think was WTF Batman! How have I gained this much!?! So I hopped on the elliptical last night for an hour, drank a liter of water and ate a boiled egg then went to bed. I jumped on the scale this morning expecting to see 268 or worse but to my great surprise I weighed in at 260!! That makes me ecstatic!!! I could have sworn I was up with how tight those jeans were last night. but hey I will take that weight!
So that puts me down 4lbs since April 1rst!
Those are new jeans too. I buy the same brand and cut for every pair I have and it's still hit or miss. Sometimes they are to short after the first wash and tighter then a pair of new spanks. weird.

Also I got some great news today...I GOT THE JOB!! A couple days ago I told you I had applied for a job working in the hospital on base and i got it. I start on 21rst of May. So no Oregon for me, but the cats will appreciate that. They wont be in limbo move for a month. That's the only sucky part about it.

So we are going out to celebrate tonight. I will make the best food choices that I possible can when out and get on the elliptical for an hour before we go to dinner.

This is turning out to be such a great day!
I hope all of you are having as good a day as I am having!


  1. Congratulations Shannon! Great news about the job, and well done on the weightloss front!

  2. I'm so glad you are having a good day! Congrats on the job. What will you be doing?

    1. i will be working as a medical assistant in a pediatric clinic :)

  3. Excellent loss AND hooray for the new job!! xx

  4. I am so happy for you both on the loss and the job! Awesome!

  5. That's great! the loss and the new job! How fantastic!!