12 August 2010

Appointments Galore!

Different insurance company's require different things when putting in place a foreign body into the system that is going to be there for a while...o say more than ten years or so. Mine thankfully doesn't require me to wait the mandatory 4 to 6 month weight loss period that other companies are imposing on there patrons. Time is ticking very slowly and fast for me. Today I made 2 more appointments that are mandatory in my surgery countdown. They are a fitness evaluation and a nutrition evaluation. I'm not to sacred of either at this moment in time actually. There isn't much that either person can tell me that I don't already know. I mean come on I have been fat most of my life and in the Navy then kicked out of the Navy for it. I know how to work out just getting off the couch most days to do it seems more of a battle then getting on the freaking elliptical and doing it. Also I have lost about 16lbs as of late and it's not because this busty beauty has been dragging it to the gym. I have completely revamped my eating habits. It does work people. Who would have thought that a complete diet overhaul would let you lose almost 20lbs? Not me I thought you would have to go to the gym. But here we are about a month later and well you get the drift.
I do kinda understand, the insurance people don't know all of the people that they are giving the money generously too. They need to know that the money they give out has some education behind it and its not just given freely, even if it is still frustrating. My last mandatory checklist appointment is on the 8th of September and then I have to make a follow-up with my surgeon. If all goes well it's been predicted that I might have a piece of plastic attached to my stomach by the middle to end of October! fingers crossed everyone. Have a great Thursday!

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