04 August 2010


I know two post in one day! Well I just got off the phone with my insurance company and I have been approved for the surgery! I have to call for an appointment with my general surgeon and see how things go from there! this went fast and I am so happy!!
p.s. OK so quick update I called and and was enrolled in the class I have to attend before talking to the surgeon. The class is on Monday night at 7pm. The hubby is going with because he has lots of things he wants to ask of course because he is being supportive and stuff this time around. It's so awesome it's at night to so Hubby or myself don't have to take time off of work to go! YaY!


  1. I wish you lots of luck. I thought about getting the lap band, but I can't because I have thyroid disease—not a medical thing, but a requirement of my insurance company.

  2. that sucks, from what i have read on your blog though you have done fantastic though!