05 August 2010

Can't Believe My Eyes!

I got on the scale this morning and to my surprise saw that I was 332lbs!!! I love myself today! I haven't said that in a while but it's true today! Total I have lost 18lbs and hit my first goal! That 10lb mark. I know from experience that getting past that first 10lbs. is the hardest. Also that keeping the first 10lbs off is really hard let alone losing more once you get it off.
I had a cool moment that might not be rated a cool moment for every one ,but here it goes. When I wash my jeans then wear them again for the first time they are always tight but this last time they were not tight! they fit perfect. It gave me my first wow moment of this journey and I smiled so big I thought my husband was going to commit me for insanity.

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