29 August 2010


So this last week I have been horribly sick with bronchitis and out of work most of the week. I am slowly getting better and going back to work tomorrow. I'm so excited :( Have you ever had one of those weeks when you realized that the people you work with really only care that you don't show up to work because it inconveniences them? Well that was my week. I started really getting sick on Sunday so i didn't go to work on Monday and I went into the doctors and he gave me some cough syrup and looked at me like I was over reacting so I went into work Tues. and could only last till about 1000. this whole time I'm coughing that deep in your chest raspy cough that really hurts. So I go home and don't come in on Wed. and I got two calls basically making sure that I was really sick and that I would be in on Thursday. So I went in on Thursday coughing my brains out feeling like crap and 2 bottles of cough syrup down. No one asked how I was feeling they just stuck me in a corner away from all the patients saying that I sounded unprofessional. I stayed the whole day and I came home after work and was so drained just from being sick that I slept in-between coughing for an hour and a half. I called out on Friday and went back to the doctors and low and behold I have bronchitis and finally get some antibiotics and cough syrup that works! Slowly getting better, and I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I'm still coughing though so I hope it annoys the crap out of them all :)
Plus side I have my first appointment this week. It's my psych evaluation on Tuesday. I'm interested to see what stuff we go over in the appointment. I will let you know how it goes. Ta ta for now!

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