03 August 2010

Banding Appointment

So yesterday was my appointment I was looking forward to for a about a week and a half. I walked in and got weighed on the doctor's scale at 338lbs although my scale today put me at 334lbs which I like a whole lot better :) I told her how I didn't really have a ton of support last time around and this time I did and how I have worked through allot of issues that should have been addressed a long time ago that weren't and she said that I didn't have six months that she wanted me to get this surgery done as soon as I could. That sounds great to me! I love her enthusiasm about this. It makes me feel like I'm making a great decision. Normally any kind of military provider is just whatever and doesn't listen but this one is just fabulous and i have to say she is given two thumbs up by me! So now I have to wait till Thursday to give my insurance a call to see if the referral went through and go to the next step. Very exciting! I just took that first step to ridding a roller coaster with my husband again next summer!

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