09 August 2010

Four Steps Back :(

I had a ton of fun this weekend! On Saturday I made some wonderful cupcakes for a baby shower and did some not fun stuff like cleaning and grocery shopping but it had to be done. Then went to the baby shower and had allot of fun! It was a surprise and momma to be started to cry. It was so sweet :) we played some games which involved toilet paper, eggs, and getting baby food peas shoved up my noes. If fact I think I was still blowing some out last night but I could be mistaken. After we joined all the hubby's back at my house and we hung out ate and had a few drinks till about midnight and crashed. When I say we ate I mean we ate! My husband alone cooked chicken, burger, hot dogs and beans with weenies. Another couple brought a huge pan of pancit (which is sssoooo yummy!), Another couple brought a huge pan full of some kind of pasta with ham and cheese and mayo (which i didn't eat because it honestly looked rancid) then on top of that there was ribs, two layer tres leches cake, cupcakes, strawberries with chocolate dip, chips and dip, zucchini bread! All for eleven adults and two kids to eat it all. I did my best and ate a very very very small breakfast/lunch earlier in the day of only a yogurt so I could have some good food later and I did. I had a little of almost everything including a couple of cranberry and rum drinks. It was a fun night! On Sunday we got up and went to breakfast because my dear ol' hubby had a nice little hang over from, well hanging with the guys. Nothing cure's a hangover better then a greasy breakfast from Denny's so that's what we got. After that it was off to the Renaissance Faire! That was allot of fun and the hubby had never been to one so that was cool too. We spent about two and a half hours walking around the grounds looking at everything and of course everyone, but it was to hot and the hubs to hungover still to make a day of it so we went home. I was able to get a nice little garland crown that I wore for a little while that is just so pretty. Maybe when he is not so hung over we can go back and do more.
Morale of the weekend though is that I might have had fun but I ate like a fool and gained four freaking pounds!!!!

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