23 August 2010

5 Minutes A Day Re-Start

Recently I have become a avid reader of Lynn's Weigh. The last post really stuck with me. I have lost 19lbs so far and that is awesome and yes i am going to have my surgery probably in October but when I'm still in pain most of the day and it hurts to get up and sit down I am only hurting myself. I kept putting it off thinking well once I get more weight off it will hurt less and I can workout better, but that's not the case. I sit at work most of the day, I sit at home most of the time, I sit in the car. Most of my life is sitting doing allot of nothing. On top of that I feel extra lazy because I have an elliptical sitting in the bedroom right upstairs. Lynn said that when she was obese she was afraid to see it and I know how she felt. I know I'm fat and I joke about it all the time! It's scary to admit your not perfect no matter how thin you are. I don't want to hurt any more. I am to the point of no activity were even sitting in a chair hurts. Being lazy hurts! But I don't want to be lazy anymore! My new goal is that whenever I am at home and I'm not doing anything and I think about it I am going to go upstairs and do 5 mins on the elliptical. I know it doesn't sound like much, but its a start. Going from doing nothing to doing spontaneous little workouts I hope will slowly build up my muscles to the point I don't hurt any more. I have come a long way from being in the Navy and working out 2 hours a day but I will get there again. That is my promise to myself. I don't owe my health to anyone but me.

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