06 August 2010

So Tired

Yesterday my husband had a command picinic. (company picinic for the non-navy folk) It was alot of fun actually but really warm. There was allot of really awesome looking food there that I wanted to eat the crap out of! but I only had a brat, watermellon, a small amount of mac and cheese, a small box mix brownie and some cheese and crackers. Plus allot of diet soda! I must admit I grabbed a piece of what looked like amazing fried chicken but gave it to my husband because, well skinny is going to feel way better then anything is going to taste right now. My venture into the food world tonight goes into a forbidden food for myself that I think I might just skip dinner to have. I am making cup cakes with a blended almond ed paste filled with fresh strawberries topped with a triple chocolate chip Cinnamon icing and decorated with another strawberry! Sounds fantastic right? Right. That's why I might just skip dinner to have one. I am making them for a baby shower I also made a diaper cake and little baby bottle filled with candie to match for a friend of mine. I have posted a pic for you to see what the diaper cake look like. Also if you don't know a diaper cake is a three tired cake made out of disposable baby diapers. While all the women do the all the men will be at my house hanging out drinking a few beers and probally playing poker and having a good time in there own right while we sniff fake baby poop...lol have a good weekend :)

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