13 August 2010

New Outlook

My new mantra is fastly trying to become: food does not equal pleasure or comfort. I don't know how well it's working because I think I should add bored into the mix as well and yummy in there to. I have been trying to reprogram my mind but it's difficult to say the least. My husband has what called a PFA (physical fitness assessment) coming up for the Navy. They do this twice a year and for about two months before its all diet and self control and then after its over we go out for dinner at a favorite restaurant usually red lobster. I'm starting to think of my life after banding as nothing but self control and I'm planning out that Red Lobster meal before I have to start doing my surgery prep. It feels almost dirty to think of myself as that much of a fatty, but I when I really think about it I will only be ably to eat about 3 - 4 tbsp of food. Measure that out, it's not very much. The doctor said by the end of one year I might be able to eat a half a sandwich and I don't think he was talking about a 6" from Subway I think he meant a little tiny white bread sammy from the cupboard at my house. On one hand I feel like a complete fatty looking forward to my last meal and on the other I just feel dirty. I think I should still try to hold tight to my mantra though and aim for that improvement. What do you think?

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