02 February 2011

Challenge and NSV's

I have joined the challenge To drink 64oz of water a day! Lots of thanks to Ms. M for putting on this challenge. I found online a way to figure out what your body truly needs for water a day based on your weight. I will show you with my weight :)
1. Divide your weight in half = 154.7 2. Times that by 1.5 = 232.05 I divided that number by the number of hours I am awake (about 17) and that is 13.65oz of water an hour. Unfortunately this is equal to about 6 liters of water a day. I would probably be in the bathroom all day.
Also for you today I have some wonderful NSV's! For I don't know how many months I have worn my wedding rings on a necklace because they didn't fit on my hand anymore. Well look what I have to show you!!
They are a tiny bit snug still but I can get them on and off if I need too :)
My second NSV is interesting to me. In school I was always chunky and I learned somewhere along the way that if you couldn't get your fingers around your wrists that you were just big boned. This calculated in my head that I would always be overweight. I was joking around with some of the people at work and wouldn't you know I can touch my fingers around my wrists. So I guess this means I wont be fat for much longer :)


  1. Great NSV! I can just barely do that! Maybe I won't be fat for much longer, either!! lol

  2. I drink 4 or 8 oz of water ever single hour..... at work...
    thirsty or not... just guzzle it on down.
    Good job on the NSV, too!