22 December 2010


I weighed in this morning and to my most wondrous surprise.....I have slightly surpassed my New Years goal of 30lbs!!!! This puts me at 319lbs with only 19lbs to loose till I reach my 300lb mark!!! I am so happy to be 31lbs down!! Even with no restriction this band is the most amazing thing I have done for myself because it has made me really take a look at what I had become. The Band really is the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten!!!
Also a quick NSV I am again fitting into my 2X scrub tops from over a year ago that have been just sitting in my closet!!! I am out of the 3X!!!
So we are not going anywhere for Christmas this year. Being a Navy family with us both from the complete oposite sides of the country it's hard to see everyone for the holidays. We scramble to oregon then new york and back to chicago. Or in the past there have been deployments that have kept us apart. This year though we are staying home, just the two of us. This is going to be a nice change, considering that the 5 christmas's we have been together have been stressful and more like work at times then vacation. I am looking forward to opening presents with my hubby this year and building our ginger bread house in the comfort of our own home! Also a plus no family to explain to why I can't eat very much :)

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