08 December 2010

Better Update

Hello from Vista East Hospital in Illinois. I hope this post makes sense since i am very druggie at the moment. I feel allot like I was hit by a truck. I'm a little nauseous and my shoulders are killing me from the air they have to put in you for the endoscopy side of the procedure. I have to add that all my nurses have been fabulous. They are all so nice and knowledgeable. At least up till this point. The night nurse that I have now, wells lets just say I hope I make it through the night. At the moment the hubby is at home taking care of the animals, but he has been fabulous as well. He has taken great care of me all day. I remember waking up asking for him and chap stick lol. Right now the only thing better then chap stick are ice chips. I didn't have a roomie all day until about a half hour ago and it's an older woman and her son and daughter-in-law are with her for now. I feel lucky because I know I'm going home tomorrow and recoup there. I thought I would show you just how great I look right now all drugged up, I'ts a good look right? lol Well I will post later in the week I am really tired right now and need to sleep. Good night all.

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  1. Hey I'm glad that all went well!! And I think you do look really good!! Go for lots of walks - it will help with the pain! Congrats on your successful surgery! Keep us updated :)