14 December 2010

What a Miserable Morning

Today I woke up just feeling very blah. I have been at work for about an hour now and I am extremely nauseous and tired. I have barley been able to drink just under half of my breakfast. Last night I stayed up a little later than I wanted to because hubby and I were watching TV in bed. So I got to bed at about 10pm. I was aiming for about 9pm just because I am still healing but it didn't happen. I don't know if that's the problem or if it's just my stomach being weird on its own.
I still am having cramping in my left side. I have my follow up appointment on Thursday. I guess I just have to wait till then to ask. It does feel like it's getting worse at times though.
I would write more but I am just so tired I don't have the energy to. Till next time, stay warm.

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