16 December 2010

Dark Chocolate and Soap

Good morning all. I am 8 days pots -op and I am dieing to step on the scale! I have my follow up tonight so I will have to step on the scale then but I am going to try not to look. One of my hobbies is cooking, which I have mentioned before, but I think I am going to try getting back into a beloved hobby that I was making a little money at before. Soap Making. That's right you read it correctly. I am going to start making my soap again. I took a break because of all the expenses with surgery and the holidays but I am going to get back into the swing of things. In turn I hope this will keep my mind off of whats tastes so good in the kitchen like the wonderful dark chocolate a friend gave me because she didn't know what surgery i went in for. I am sure that I will post plenty of picks of my creations edible and non edible. Update on how I'm feeling today: Sore, very sore. I tried going a while without taking my pain meds because I don't like taking more medication then I have to. Today though my abdomen is achy and tight. stretching it out in the least is annoying. My incisions have scabbed over and the scabs are starting to come off a little. The rubbing from my shirts on the scabs has ripped a couple of parts of prematurely. Other than that eating well and sleeping well.

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