23 December 2010

You Are Beautiful!!!

I want to challenge you to leave a card like in the picture anywhere a women will find it. Tape it to a mirror in a public bathroom, Leave it on the desk of a female co-worker, give one to a random stranger and walk away. You can even just write it on a piece of paper, it doesn't have to be a card. To many women don't hear that they are beautiful. Beauty is not just on the outside, beauty is in our hearts and what we do for others. Many of you are beautiful and don't even know it. Today I dedicate my post to all the women who have ever been put down by others and even themselves. You are beautiful in your own wonderful way! I found a card just like this at the movies last night in the bathroom and it made me tear up because I realized earlier that night that I had no nice clothes to wear out with my husband, that I had just given up on myself, but I am beautiful!!! For more info on this you can go to Operation Beautiful. Here are some examples.

Leave me a comment of where you are going to leave your little piece of beautiful!


  1. I seen the post in the restroom last week. I love the idea and will def pass it on. This is inspiration.