10 December 2010

Bubble Guts and Nausea...ugg

Day 2 post-op and I woke up this morning really hungry. I had an 8oz protein shake over about an hours time, but this wouldn't have been possible without my Gas-X though. I felt so bloated that the thought of eating was not a good one. You get pumped full of air and it has to find it's way out some how but in the mean time you feel so bloated and uncomfortable. I am using the dissolvable strips, they are like the Listerine strips but in my opinion they taste much better. Even with using those my stomach is full of bubble guts. Also I have been really nauseous. I had a good amount of chicken broth and a Popsicle for lunch and I was fine. A couple hours later I went back for a jello and some more broth and ugg I'm so nauseous I couldn't finish the jello. My surgeon has me on a liquid Vicodine for pain to take as needed. It taste horrible! There is no description for the flavor, It's just gross. For all of it's nastiness though it works almost to good. After about 20mins. it fully kicks in, and it seems all at once. I get loopy and really tired. I have only taken it 3 times so far and one of those was a half dose. Interestingly enough the reason I have had to take it is not pain from my incision sites but from the gas pressure in my shoulders. I have 5 incision. One is about 3inches long and the others are about an inch each. This was surprising to me. I was expecting 2 maybe 3 small 1inch cuts. The large one is my port site. I don't have any stitches on the outside, just dermabond. Dermabond is a clear adhesive that works just like stitches without the extra scaring. I was joking today with the hubs that it looks like my stomach got in a fight with a lawn mower. I guess the idea of looking fabulous in a bikini is out. tonight the hubby is at his Navy Christmas party so I am on my own tonight for the first time. I think as long as I don't lie down flat I will be ok. I didn't think I would be posting this much right after surgery, but it does help me keep track of what I have been doing all day since I have a horrible memory. lol I guess once I go back to work on Monday there wont be so many. Tomorrow I am hoping to go for a stroll around the mall. fingers crossed! I will let you know how that goes.

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